Dr. Bisher Al Shanawani graduated from King Saud University, KSA, and he completed his years in Plastic Surgery expertise as the “clinical assistant professor “ at College of Medicine, King Saud University. He is a Fellow of the University of Toronto, Canada, a Fellow and CEO of the American College of surgeons (Saudi chapter) ISAP Member. The Chairman at Riyadh Plastic Surgery Club. Also he’s the Medical Director of AlSafwah Hospital by Majesty. His practice expertise concentrated on all plastic aesthetic procedures. Moreover, he published professional articles regarding plastic and reconstructive surgery in medical local and International journals and presented scientific papers at well known professional associations in USA and Europe.


Post Graduate Degrees and Symposiums

. Advance Trauma Life Support Course ,December 1999.

. Mini-symposium on basic Laparoscopic surgery ( February . 2001).

. Workshop on surgery of morbid obesity- King Khalid University hospital (February 2001).

. Micro-vascular Anastomosis workshop – King Faisal specialist Hospital(2001).

. Mini-symposium on nutritional and electrolytes in surgical patient – King Fahad National Guard Hospital ( march 2002).

. Mini-symposium on burn management with skin coverage and surgical audit , statistic and research in surgery( May 2002).

. Microsurgery anastomosis techniques course –King Faisal Specialist Hospital (March 2003)

. Cleft lip and palate workshop –King Faisal specialist Hospital ( April 2003).

. Mesotherapy workshop (April 2006).

. Upper limb Anatomy Courses – King Saud University ,college of medicine(June2006).

. 7th Annual research conference –department of surgery –King Saud university –Riyadh (April-2007).

. Rhinoplasty course in Riyadh Military Hospital (June,2007).

. Chief resident in Saudi plastic surgery program for 2 years (Oct.2005-Sept.2007).

. 38th Annual meeting of Egyptian Society of plastic &Reconstructive Surgeons, Hurghada, Egypt. (Feb.2008).

. Riyadh Plastic surgery Club president till now

. Breast Reconstructive surgery symposium-King Faisal specialist Hospital (April 2008).

. Riyadh Plastic surgery Club meeting in King Fahad National Guard Hospital (June 2008).

. GCC 7th plastic surgery Symposium- Riyadh Military Hospital.(May 2008).

. International Symposium –New trends in Hand & foot Surgery ,Security forces Hospital Riyadh –Nov.2008 (Speaker).

. Facial Asymmetry Symposium ( Marriott Hotel-Riyadh ) By King Fahad National Guard Hospital. Nov.2008.

. Observational visit to Gent university hospital (Prof. Monstrey, Prof. Blondeel, Prof. Hamdi , Dr. Van Lunduyt , Dr. Roche), Perforator Flaps. Nov.2008.

. Riyadh Plastic Surgery Club meeting –King Faisal Specialist hospital (Jan.2009).

. Riyadh plastic surgery Club meeting –King Khalid University Hospital (Feb.2007)Early recovery Radial N. compression –case report.

. Wound management symposium By Coloplast- Sharmshaiekh- Egypt(March 2009)

. Cleft Lip and Palate 2ed International symposium –King Faisal specialist Hospital (March-April,2009).

. 3rd annual principles and practice of clinical research for surgeons ,Mississauga ,ON, Canada.

. 8th Annual Ralph T. Manktelow Lectureship in Hand surgery ,Oct.2009,Western hospital ,Toronto, ON, Canada.

. 13th Annual Dallas cosmetic surgery symposium ,Dallas Texas ,USA.(March 2010).

. 27th Dallas Rhinoplasty course  ,Dallas ,Texas, USA.(March,2010).

. Annual Research Day, University of Toronto, Division of Plastic Surgery (March2010).

. The 10th Toronto breast symposium ,University of Toronto, Division of plastic surgery(April,2010).

.The 40th Annual aesthetic plastic surgery meeting ,University of Toronto, Division of Plastic surgery(April,2010).

. Patient Safety and Quality improvement University of Toronto (2010).

. Basic life support(BLS),King Khalid University Hospital(2010).

. High definition liposuction course by John Millard (Vaser),(2011).

. Annual General Surgery conference-King Saud University ,college of medicine, King Khalid University Hospital ,Department Of Surgery(2010).

. EndoVasular Laser course ,by Cool lipo ,Beirut, Lebanon (2011).

. ISAP ,Body contouring Symposium Beirut ,Lebanon.(2011).

. Skin Surgery Skills : Hands –on course , By king Saud University ,as tutor(2012).

. Lecturer in Riyadh Diabetic Club meeting ,Liposuction in Diabetic patients (March ,2012).

. European Wound Management Association conference in Vienna ,May 2012.

Papers & Presentations:

1). The Clinical features of Ulnar Polydactyly in Middle Eastern Population Published in  Journal of Hand surgery (European Volume) 2008;33;47 by M.Al-Qattan B.Al-Shanawani,A.Al-Thunayan ,A.Al-Namla.

2). A Modified Technique Of Using Dental Wires For Spiral/Oblique Metacarpal & Fractures Of The Fingers. accepted for publication 2009, in the Journal of Hand Surgery (European Volume),By M.AL-Qattan, K.Alzahrani & B.Al-Shanawani.

3). Friction Burn injuries to the dorsum of the Hand after Car and industrial Accidents : Classification, Management ,and Functional recovery Published in journal of Burn Care & research July/August 2010,By M.Al-Qattan,K.Al-Zahrani, B.Al-Shanawani,N.Al-Arfaj.

4). Several presentation in plastic surgery program seminars and Grand rounds.

-Breast reduction.

-Electrical and Chemical Burns.

-Management of Craniosynostosis.

-Inflammation and edema modifying factors.

-Ectropion and Entropion.

-MetaCarpal bones Fractures.

-Thumb Fractures.

-Finger tip trauma Management.

-Cleft lip.

-Cleft lip Rhinoplasty.

-Compartment Syndrome.

-Skin Radiation injury.

-Naso-ethmoidal-Orbital Fractures.

-Mesotherapy introduction

-Facial Injections.

-Congenital Nasal Swellings.

5). Eccrine Poroma in Dorsum of Thumb – Case report.(Letter to the Journal of hand surgery “European Volume”)

6). EIP tendon transfer modification in opposition of Thumb.(In process).

7). Case Report -Mixed Nerve injury and early recovery of Radial N. compression. (Submitted to Journal of Hand surgery EurVol

8). Case report –Proliferating Trichilemmal cyst. (Submitted to Journal of Plastic, reconstructive and Aesthetic).

9). Breast reduction trend in Ontario (Submitted to Canadian Epidemiology journal).

Clinical Experience & Memberships:

. Orthopedic training attachment -Maidstone Hospital , U.K. ( 1989)

. Internship in King Khalid University Hospital and Riyadh Medical Complex (Riyadh 1996- 1997)

. Plastic surgery in Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital(Nov.1997-Oct.1999).

. Vascular surgery rotation- Riyadh Armed Forces.

. Primary care surgery clinic Riyadh Armed Forces.

. Pediatric surgery in Riyadh Medical complex (Nov.1999- Oct.2001).

. Plastic surgery Department King Khalid university hospital (Oct.2001- till now).

. Plastic surgery rotations in the following hospitals: King Fahad National Guard hospital , king Faisal specialist hospital, Security Forces hospital (Saudi plastic surgery program).

. Plastic surgery consultant in King Khalid University Hospital since Nov.2007.

. Locum Plastic surgery consultant King Fahad Medical City, Riyadh  (2008)

. Sharing in teaching in King Saud University (Collage of Dentist and collage of medicine).

. Moderator in Saudi Plastic Surgery program (Seminars teaching activities).

. Hand Surgery practice ,Hand surgery Clinic since Nov.2007,King Khalid University Hospital, Riyadh.

. Locum plastic surgery consultant in Riyadh Military Hospital 2011 & 2012.

. Full Member of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic plastic surgeons).

. Active membership in Saudi Cancer Association.

. Clinical Assistant professor-Collage of Medicine-(King Saud University).

. CPSO (Canadian physician and surgeon of Ontario) Member.

.CMPA(Canadian medical protection Association ).Member.

. Fellow of University of Toronto, F U of T (2009-2010).

. Under graduate lecturer, Basic surgical skills University of Toronto(2010).

. Member of ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons).

. Patient Safety and Quality improvement , University of Toronto.(2010).

. Fellow of International college of surgeons. ,.FICS (2010).

. Fellow of American college of Surgeons. FACS(2010).

. Patient appreciation award St. Michael’s hospital ,University of Toronto.(2010).

. Canadian accreditation Focus Group in Surgery department , King Khalid University Hospital (2011-2012).

. King Khalid University Hospital Plastic surgery program director.(2012) & member of Riyadh region plastic surgery training committee.

  • Plastic Surgery Consultant RENOVA CLINIC / Safwa hospital
  • Clinical assistant professor College of medicine king Saud University
  • Fellow university of Toronto Fellow college and international college of surgeons
  • Chairman Riyadh Plastic Surgery Club
  • Executive committee member American college of Surgeons Saudi Chapter


T. +966 11 2222 333

M.+966 55 115 8330 (Whatsapp)





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