Dr. Bisher Alshanawani

When beauty is a passion, making it is a goal

Dr. Bishr Al-Shanwani, plastic surgery & body contouring consultant

All types of plastic surgery & body contouring operations


Dr. Bisher AlShanawani

Bisher Nawras AlShanawani

 Plastic surgery and body contouring consultant in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A fellow of the university of Toronto, Canada, a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a Saudi & Jordanian fellowship. Also a member of the American Aesthetic Society, and a founding member of the Saudi Society of Aesthetic Surgical Care.



Cosmetic Procedures

All types of cosmetic procedures & body contouring

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Dr. Bisher AlShanawani is a consultant plastic surgeon. He is one of the most important plastic surgeons in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia A distinguished doctor in plastic surgery witnessed by his competence especially by those who were treated by him. Dr. Bisher Alshanawani has gained over the years both national and international recognition as a pioneering plastic surgeon with his innovative and endless approach, giving all patients knowledge, informed consent and unfamiliar care.

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