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Al-Riyadh newspaper: Saudis are the most popular in plastic surgery

The plastic surgery consultants Dr. Bishr Al-Shanwani and Dr. Khaled Al-Zahrani confirmed that the Kingdom leads the Arab countries in the number of plastic surgeries, and comes among the 25 countries in the world where plastic surgeries are most prevalent, noting that the number of operations performed in the year 2010 reached 141 thousand operations, and the number doubled in The year 2014, pointing out that the cosmetic market and its surgeries amount to four billion riyals, and they are expected to reach 5 billion during the next two years 2015 and 2016, in order to increase the demand for plastic surgery of both sexes.

Bishr Al-Shanwani, a consultant plastic surgeon and a member of the International Society of Plastic Surgeons, explained that the percentage of men interested in plastic surgeries is up to a third, the most common being breast reduction and skin tightening surgery and sagging resulting from weight-loss operations, in addition to hair transplantation and liposuction, indicating that the main season Cosmetic operations are vacations, the summer period and weddings, when women undergo many cosmetic operations

For his part, consultant plastic surgery Dr. Khaled Al-Zahrani confirmed that Saudis’ awareness of plastic surgery has increased on two axes, the first is to increase their knowledge of cosmetic surgery and its types, but it is incomplete awareness, and the second axis is also awareness, but it is limited in the knowledge of the treating doctor and knowledge of cosmetic complications from problems and deformities. Some people do not know what they want from plastic surgery and that it has complications

Al-Zahrani pointed out that the size of the cosmetic market in devices, hospitals, materials, and cadres exceeds 4 billion riyals, and is expected to increase, stressing that the capital, Riyadh, accounts for 70 percent of the volume of plastic surgeries, followed by Jeddah with 25 percent, and 5 percent in the eastern region. , Warning against being driven behind some advertisements, stressing that the doctor’s reference, qualifications and experience must be verified, as well as the materials used in cosmetic operations.

The two consultants warned against being led by the fake advertisements or the doctor, without knowing his qualifications and experiences, which led some to suffer major complications.

Riyadh – Muhammad Al-Haidar

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