Dr. Bisher Alshanawani

An interview with Dr. Bishr AlShanawany about liposuction

Consultant plastic surgeon and member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and president of the Riyadh Plastic Surgeons Club, Dr. Bishr Al-Shanwani talks to us about liposuction

Excess fat is one of the problems that plagues women and makes them feel upset and bored all the time, but there are women who enter a state of depression because of the accumulated fats in the body, so every woman seeks to get rid of these fats in various ways, whether by following a healthy diet or practicing some exercises Sports such as swimming, running and walking.

A woman dreams of having a graceful body and a harmonious body, as gracefulness is one of the secrets of a woman’s beauty, and a graceful woman feels that she is able to do anything, unlike a fat woman who suffers from her inability to move or wear the clothes that she loves

Fat accumulates in more than one place in the body, in the chest, buttocks and thighs, but belly fat is one of the problems that are difficult to solve, because after a short period of time it turns into sagging, and the rest of the fats located in different places in the body are easy to burn through healthy food and sports.

Getting rid of belly fat is not an easy matter, especially in some cases such as cesarean delivery or obesity. In these cases, we resort to liposuction, which ensures that every woman melt belly fat and get rid of it permanently.

Fat accumulates due to excess obesity, which sometimes results as a result of binge eating, and a person’s appetite for food may sometimes reach the stage of food addiction, and at that time the obese patient must resort to nutrition clinics to follow specific food systems that help him get rid of these fats

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