First, we will shed light on the stages that follow the operation of liposuction of the abdomen. Most patients will experience bruising and swelling after the operation and it will improve in the following weeks
The feeling of discomfort and pain may persist in the first two weeks after the operation, but usually most patients are able to return to their normal life, taking into account that they continue to wear comfortable clothes and corset and avoid all strenuous activities
The pain almost disappears between the third and fifth week after the operation, and the results of the operation begin to appear, and the wounds recover, except in some cases that may get bruised in the area of ​​the operation, but the ability to engage in moderate activities returns while staying away from violent activities and sports until the doctor allows it.
There will be fluid secretion after the operation from the wounds, which may require changing dressings to dry ones. It is recommended to cover the bed and sitting area with fluid-proof fabrics in the first days.
The result will not be immediate, but the patient will notice the result in the following weeks and the final result within 3 months
The corset must be worn for 6 consecutive weeks, except for bathing time, and it is changed to a smaller size when the body size changes. Be careful not to get any folds in the corset or zigzags, because the same thing will happen to the skin
Tips to follow to achieve the best result as soon as possible after tummy liposuction

And now we will move to the tips that guarantee you a quick recovery and seeing the results of tummy liposuction without problems:

1- Adherence to a special diet:

The role of proper food that helps the body to restore its vitality cannot be underestimated

The most important features of this diet are;

Reduce salt in meals because it causes fluid retention and prolongs the time of flatulence.

Incorporating protein-rich foods into all meals, as it speeds up the healing of wounds and rebuilding damaged tissues.

Reducing sugar due to its weakening of the immune system and its negative impact on mineral electrolytes.

Eat several small meals per day to avoid feeling bloated and nauseated.

Focus on eating fruits such as watermelon and strawberries and vegetables such as zucchini to speed up recovery.

2- Doctors advise complete rest the day after the procedure of liposuction, and later they recommend doing some light exercises.

Walking to speed up the self-healing process, while avoiding all strenuous activities completely.

3- Drink plenty of water and low-calorie fluids: it is preferable to drink more than 12 cups of water or drinks such as tea or

Extended juices and stay away from soft drinks or energy drinks.

4- Change bandages frequently to protect the body from the risk of infections and infection, and at the same time not using water to clean wounds even

Several weeks after the operation.

5- Avoid tight clothes that may provoke allergies and slow down recovery, and replace them with loose, comfortable clothes.

6- Not using the bathtub

7- Lymphatic massage. Experiments have shown the role of lymph node massage, which reduces the time needed to heal, relieves pain and discomfort, increases immunity and reduces the risk of inflammation. It is preferable to perform this massage once a week.

8- Appointing dates for subsequent visits to the doctor. These visits are essential to enable the doctor to measure the progress of the healing process and monitor the health status after the operation

As mentioned above, adhering to these tips will ensure a quick and complication-free recovery and help you achieve the desired shape.

Frequently asked questions about liposuction:
Recovery time after liposuction

The recovery period after liposuction ranges from three weeks to about one or two months

When do I live my life after a tummy tuck?

After a week, you can do simple housework, but you have to stay away from carrying heavy things and stress.

Dr. Bisher Alshanawani

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